4 Strategies to Bring in New Customers to Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry can be unforgiving, and the competition is fierce. With new restaurants popping up every day, it's essential to use every tactic possible for optimal growth.

The average lifespan of a restaurant is only five years. So, how can you beat the odds and grow a prosperous business? Here are four strategies that will help you attract new customers to your restaurant in 2021.

Promote Your Restaurant on Social Media

These days, almost any restaurant that wants to be successful must be active on social media. In particular, restaurant owners should maintain social media accounts for the big three -- Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

How important are these channels for drawing in new customers? Gen Z and millennials are 99% more likely to use social media to find restaurants than baby boomers. This indisputable trend will mold the future of the restaurant industry, and you don't want to be left behind.

To craft effective and beneficial social media profiles, make sure that your posts are image-centric and easy to share. Remember, people eat with their eyes first.

Perfect Your Website

Before potential customers visit your restaurant to soak in the ambiance and taste the food, many of them form their first impression from your website. In fact, a study performed by MGH concluded that 77% of people look at a restaurant's website before they ever enter the establishment.

When customers visit your website, their online experience automatically informs their assumptions about the quality of your food and service. As such, your restaurant's website should be an accurate representation of your brand, complete with high-quality images and a menu that's easy to read. Make it a point to include the restaurant's hours of operation and location. Remember, your restaurant's website is your chance to set customers' expectations. Make it good!

Integrate Technology into the Restaurant Experience

The pandemic ushered in a new era of restaurant technology, even when customers are dining in. Now, 51% of customers believe it's important to incorporate technology into their dining experience. Luckily, it's easier than ever for restaurant owners to implement these changes.

So, where should you start? To craft the best customer experience, begin with QR codes, contactless payments, and an online ordering system. Companies like qMenu make it simple for you to integrate QR codes and an online ordering system into your restaurant. If you're ready to attract and retain customers, step into the digital age with QR to provide your customers with an easy and seamless dining experience.

Use a Mobile-Friendly Marketing Strategy

The vast majority of customers search for restaurants on their mobile devices, so restaurant owners mustn't overlook this crucial step. Using a mobile-friendly marketing strategy means optimizing your website for smartphone use. Consumers have short attention spans, so a page that's slow to load on a smartphone is sure to drive away potential customers.

And don't forget to create a business page using Google My Business to make it quick and easy for customers to find important information about your restaurant -- including your location, hours of operation, phone number, and menu.


Winning over new customers requires planning and strategy, but it's all worth it in the end! qMenu is the ultimate online ordering solution that can simplify your processes and leverage technology to improve your restaurant. We offer QR codes to enhance your customers' experience and an all-in-one online ordering platform that empowers easy online ordering. In addition, we also provide website design so that you can solidify your restaurant's online presence and grow to new heights!

Are you interested in learning more about qMenu or our services? If so, visit us at www.qmenu360.com.