About Us

Founded in October 2016, qMenu is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company based in Atlanta. qMenu provides restaurant owner the capability to control their own online presences instead of third party platforms like UberEats or Grubhub.

Our business is not limited to online ordering: qMenu has developed a full restaurant technology ecosystem including in person QR dining.

Company History

May 2016
Company founders met for first time

Gary & Chris met in a home basement with a vision to empower local restaurants

October 2016
The company was registered

Successfully installed an online ordering system for the first client

August 2017
First seeding fund

Received first seeding fund

March 2018
Partnered with 1000 restaurants nationwide

Expanded operation to clients in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada

July 2019
Launched customer and restaurant owner apps on iOS and Android
January 2021
Client based grew over 12,000
April 2021
Launched QR dine-in solution!

Executive Team

Gary Sui

Founder & CEO

Chris Xu

Founder & COO

Dixon Adair

VP of Operations

Sample Clients