4 Ways to Improve a Customer’s Online Ordering Experience

Everyone has days when they don’t feel like preparing a home-cooked meal or don’t have the extra time to spend cooking. Therein lies an opportunity for restaurant owners to rise to the occasion and increase their business by offering customers the option to order online. However, if your restaurant’s online ordering experience isn’t streamlined, potential customers will find this to be too much of a hassle, and they may take their business elsewhere.

As more restaurants offer online ordering, you must provide your customers with the highest quality online ordering experience available.

Use an Order Management Software

Everyone loves the convenience of ordering online and being able to stay comfortable at home while savoring delicious food. Using an online order management software like qMenu is an excellent way to streamline your customer’s ordering process. With qMenu, there are no markups to the original pricing like with some delivery apps.

And best of all, busy people who need to have dinner ready at a specific time can also order ahead, so their food is prepared when they arrive. Restaurant owners can reap the benefits of qMenu too, as they can save anywhere from 3% to 8% compared to other food ordering apps.

Optimize Your Menu

Don’t expect customers to order from your restaurant if it looks like the order will be less than stellar by the time it arrives. To avoid this, make sure that you have a menu that is optimized for efficient delivery. This may mean taking some items off your to-go menu so that your customer’s order remains high quality when they receive it.

For instance, it may not be wise to include an item like ice cream for delivery because there is a chance it will melt before the customer receives it. Additionally, it may not be lucrative to leave lower-cost items on the menu due to a low-profit margin. All of these changes you make to your takeout menu can improve your customer’s online ordering experience.

Include Photographs and Descriptions with Your Menu

Looks are everything. Before a customer eats your food, they first eat with their eyes. With this in mind, another way to improve your customer’s online order experience is to invest in a food photographer to take high-quality photos of each dish on the menu.

Having photos of your food reassures customers because they get to see what they’re ordering before it arrives, ensuring they ordered the correct dish. Including descriptions of items on your menu also allows customers to imagine the dish’s flavor before they even receive it. This way, customers are aware of the ingredients of what they’re ordering, reminding them to ask for substitutions for particular items.

Allow Customer Reviews

In 2021, customers practically demand the resources to make informed decisions about every purchase they make, and the meals they order online are no exception. Customer reviews are the best way for customers to be aware of your business’ quality and performance. Customers trust other customer reviews over your opinion on your own restaurant.

These reviews will simplify the ordering process and give customers the power to make well-informed choices. The thing is to remember to put reviews where they are easily visible to potential customers.


Providing your customers with an exceptional online experience is essential in growing your business. We hope that our tips on improving your customer’s online ordering experience inspires you to revisit your process and make it the best it can be.

qMenu gives restaurant owners the ability to control their online presence while growing their business and saving them money. We offer a restaurant online ordering system that makes managing your restaurant, orders, menu, and more at an affordable price.

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