5 Online Meal Planning Apps and Menu Tools You Should Try

There is a fine science to meal planning. It is a delicate balance of finding something healthy that you enjoy eating and wouldn’t mind doing multiple times a week. Just thinking about planning can leave you exhausted, which is why it’s a great idea to use a meal planning app.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, save money, or be a little more organized, meal planning is an excellent option. Now, you need only to figure out which is the best online meal planning app for you. Believe us; you’ve got plenty of options.

Blue Apron

One of the first companies introduced during the rise of meal kit options, Blue Apron remains a clear frontrunner. Sometimes the issue with meal planning is mapping out your meals, only to struggle to find the proper ingredients or the time to shop for them.

Blue Apron makes cooking at home an adventure in a good way. Each box comes with all the high-quality and sustainably sourced pre-packaged ingredients you need and a recipe card to following along. This menu tool offers meal options that serve 2-4 people and accommodate most dietary restrictions and weight loss goals.


Plan to Eat

If collecting recipes brings you joy, Plan to Eat is the best online meal planning app for you. Available on Android and iOS, this app allows you to manually enter recipes or input the URL to any recipe online and add it to your collection. It also provides a complete nutritional breakdown and automatically creates a grocery list when you add planned recipes to your calendar. And best of all, you can share your recipe and plan with friends and family for an added level of accountability if you have a weight loss goal.



We know this technically isn’t a meal planning app but hear us out. There is such a thing as meal planning fatigue, which leaves many people craving anything other than the eggplant Bolognese they’ve been eating for three days. That is where qMenu comes in. We won’t call it a cheat day, just a reward for making sure no food goes to waste.

qMenu is a meal planning app of sorts where you can browse a variety of nearby restaurants, spanning all cuisines, and schedule it for pickup or delivery. It even allows you to track your order and delivery status in real-time, and plan for delicious food.

Out of Milk

One look at the name of this best meal planning app candidate triggers a collective groan of frustration. No one likes to go grocery shopping, only to realize they’ve forgotten an item. Out of Milk makes groceries a household responsibility, allowing you to share your grocery list with your family or roommates. That means, if someone adds an item to the list, it syncs across all devices.

The app doubles as a tool, too, communicating with Google and Alexa voice assistants so that you can update your list even when your phone is nowhere to be found. Something that sets it apart from other meal planning apps is its tips and blog posts on topics like essential household items and pantry management.



You’ll be surprised to find that you can use this favorite social media platform for something other than planning the perfect party. It is also one of the best meal planning apps out there. What makes Pinterest a favorite is that it is a great place to store and organize your favorite recipes.

You can get as detailed as you desire. If you find yourself in a recipe slump, it also serves as an excellent source of meal inspiration. It offers countless options from the traditional to the experimental in any cuisine you like!


How We Can Help

Trying to find the time and the ingredients to plan out your meals can be overwhelming, especially when life is busy. We hope that our list of meal planning apps and menu tools makes your week a little easier. In fact, it is why we created qMenu, the ultimate online ordering solution.

We wanted to give restaurant owners the ability to control their online presence while growing their business and saving them money. For customers, we wanted to provide an all-in-one platform that allows diners to easily order online from their favorite restaurants.

Are you interested in learning more about qMenu or our services? If so, visit us at qmenu360.com.