5 Things Every Online Menu Needs

In 2021, a restaurant will never truly prosper without an efficient online ordering system. Consumers expect their online ordering experience to be seamless from start to finish, and if it’s not, they will head to another website or switch apps without thinking twice. For restaurants with an online menu, a user-friendly experience is a top priority. If you are concerned your menu doesn’t make the cut, here are 5 things every online menu needs, so you can optimize and stay ahead of the competition.

Your menu must be accessible for search engines

Accessibility may be one of the most obvious requirements for an online menu, but it’s also the most easily overlooked. Accessibility means optimizing your website so Google can crawl it easily. A crawlable website is a page that search engine bots, like Google, can easily ‘crawl’ through and find relevant information and links. One of the best ways to do this is by putting a text-based version of the menu on your website instead of having a PDF menu.

Your menu needs to be mobile-friendly

Let’s face it: people are on the internet via mobile devices more than computers now more than ever before, and this trend isn’t slowing down. It’s commonplace for people to search “restaurants near me” when they’re out and about. As a restaurant owner, if you don’t have a menu optimized for mobile devices or aren’t easily accessible online for customers to locate you, you are likely losing out on many potential customers. The quickest and most affordable way to implement mobile ordering while maintaining your unique online presence is through an online ordering system like qMenu. Unlike platforms like UberEats or Grubhub, owners are entirely in control of their restaurant’s image and save anywhere from 3% to 8% compared to other online ordering apps.

Your restaurant must have a social media presence

If your restaurant doesn’t have a social media presence, it doesn’t even exist in the minds of most people. Potential customers will find out about your restaurant based on your social media page content, along with images posted by their friends. To have the most successful restaurant possible, make sure there is an option for people to post their online orders or tag your business. It may be wise to invest in a social media marketer that can make sure the images on your social media profiles are the best they can be and that your content is appealing to the latest algorithms.

Optimize your online menu for sales

The process of optimizing your online menu for sales is implementing the psychology of sales to your menu. This means upselling by ensuring that extra options like drinks or toppings automatically appear. You can also alter the menu in small ways, like removing the dollar sign or limiting the items on the menu to further optimize your online ordering system.

Use a point-of-sale system

The purpose of integrating a point-of-sale system with your restaurant’s online ordering process is to eliminate human error. When customer’s place an order online, their order should go directly to your restaurant’s point of sale system. Otherwise, employees would need to enter the order themselves once your restaurant received it, and this can lead to increased mistakes. Save yourself time and money by integrating your menu with a POS system.


Craft the best online ordering system possible for your restaurant with qMenu. Using qMenu gives restaurant owners complete control over how they are perceived online, with a smaller price tag than other competitors. Our online ordering system will make it easy for you to manage your restaurant’s online ordering process and menu all in one place, at a price that can’t be beaten.

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