5 Things You Need from a Restaurant Inventory App

Having a restaurant inventory app can organize your business in ways you can’t imagine. The right app can help you monitor food costs and keep you up to date on the ingredients you need most in real-time. It even influences the customer experience. Your patrons love your food and the atmosphere you provide, but without an effective restaurant inventory app, you can’t hope to keep your booths full.

Before you sign up for a restaurant inventory app, first consider what you need from the app and whether it offers the tools for you to be successful. If you’re unsure what those features are, read below for our insights.

It Offers Room to Grow

When hunting for the perfect restaurant inventory app, one of the most important things it should offer is room for your restaurant to grow. No business wants to rent space only to outgrow it a few months to a year later. The same sentiment applies to your management software.

Ask yourself, does this app offer features that we aren’t quite ready for yet, but will be down the line? Or does it offer a tiered membership that enables you to unlock more capabilities as you grow? What if you need a website? Does the app offer service for that? All of these and more are growth-related questions you should ask.

Communication with Your Vendors

Another thing an owner needs from a restaurant inventory app is to communicate with your preferred vendors. Although this feature may seem simple, it is essential to running a restaurant. The right software can store all vendor information, which means no more digging for Post-it Notes or business cards when you want to place an order.

It can also help you expedite supply orders — think of it like another employee. What we mean is, it can handle a lot of operational tasks that may weigh you down, including suggesting orders, tracking payments and deliveries, and automatically updating your inventory when a shipment arrives.

An Accurate Reporting Feature

Having accurate metrics and data at your disposal can make the difference between a happy, loyal customer and someone who never dines with you again. Of course, every restauranteur wants to keep their business growing, and investing in the right restaurant inventory app is an excellent way to do so. Inventory apps can calculate financial reports, food cost percentages, and more to help you gain a clear picture of your business and make improvements to operations and inventory.

Leverages Smart Forecasting

Can you recall a time when a necessary ingredient was out of stock at your restaurant when you needed it most? Just the thought alone probably gives you flashbacks. With a restaurant inventory app, mishaps like that are a thing of the past. When integrated into your POS system, you can take advantage of data-driven tools like low inventory alerts and suggestive ordering, all informed by your budget, sales, and sitting inventory.

Multiple Location Management

If you’re a restaurant owner with more than one location, the last thing you want is to buy more than one restaurant inventory app. Thankfully, the right management app can help you double your efficiency without double the effort.

You should invest in software that enables you to keep tabs on stock at your warehouse and other restaurant locations. It should also allow you to track down deliveries and coordinate inventory at all locations.


Managing your restaurant is a time-consuming task, especially when you couple it with trying to provide delicious food and an excellent customer experience. This is why we created qMenu, the ultimate online ordering solution.

We wanted to give restaurant owners the ability to control their online presence while growing their business and saving them money. Restaurant inventory apps like ours offer a unique opportunity for restaurant owners. We hope you consider our services when looking for a restaurant online ordering system.

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