How to Create a QR Code Menu with qMenu

COVID-19 ushered in drastic change for the restaurant industry and changed the way we think about food safety. If you haven’t noticed, one of these changes is the prevalent use of QR codes. Previously, they were considered an occasional bonus feature, but now they’re the industry standard.

Looking back, it was only a matter of time before QR codes found their niche in the industry. After all, they’re cost-effective and quickly accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Now, 67% of consumers believe that QR codes make it easier to maintain a safe, contact-free environment, and restaurant owners must respond to these needs. To keep up with the changing tide, here’s how you can set up QR codes for your restaurant in 2021.

Step 1: Getting Started

To start using QR codes with qMenu, go to and access the green qMenu button in the bottom right corner. This button enables access to all the modules you’ll need to run and customize our application.

When the menu expands, tap the “Setting” module to manage your QR codes, attendance, and notification preferences. We also have an internalization option so that you can view the application in English or Chinese.

Step 2: Generate Your QR Codes

In your modules, start by setting up your attendance. Tap the “General Settings” module, and then press “Manage QR Codes.”

On this page, you will see a dropdown list in the top right corner that says “Set Total QRs.” Use this to select the number of tables in your restaurant. Once you’ve done this, the system will generate a unique QR code for each one of your tables. You should be able to see your unique, newly generated QR codes arranged by table number in large yellow squares.

Step 3: Manage Attendance

In the bottom right corner, tap “Manage Attendants.” Here, you can add profiles for each of your servers. All you need to do is click the “+ Attendant” link and input the server's first and last name. You can even add a photo to their profile to make your system more intuitive.

Once you’ve added all of your servers, you can start assigning them to tables at the beginning of each service. Return to the QR menu by tapping the green button in the bottom corner and navigating back through “General Settings” and “Manage QR codes.”

To assign a server to a table, click the yellow square containing the relevant table number. The square will flip, showing new menu options. Then click “Assign Attendant,” and select the server’s name. Repeat until all tables are assigned and ready to receive diners!

Step 4: Printing Your QR Codes

Select which tables you want to print QR codes for and select the desired size. For reference, most people in the US use the standard “8.5 by 11” size option.

Next, view the preview of the QR codes before you print them, and select “Print.” Once placed at your tables, these printed codes will allow customers to interact with your servers through our app. For best results, we recommend using plastic cases, frames, or lamination to preserve the QR codes tableside. You don’t want them ruined by the first spilled drink!

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