How to Use QR Codes in Your Restaurant

Even though QR codes have been around for almost 30 years, they’ve finally been ushered into the mainstream. 52% of restaurants have converted to using QR code menus, which is only growing as technology advances.

At this point, you’ve probably seen QR codes before when you’ve gone out to eat. QR codes are small squares that store information and can be scanned on a screen or paper. All people need is a smartphone with a working camera and a QR code app to use them. When compared to other methods of scanning, the great thing about QR codes is that they store more information than traditional barcodes, and they are much safer because the information is encrypted.

QR codes are so convenient and versatile that all restaurant owners could benefit from using them. So, how can you implement QR codes in your restaurant?

Digital Menus

It’s becoming less and less common for restaurant owners to use physical paper menus, and this is with good reason. The use of digital menus saves restaurant owners big time on the cost of designing and printing menus. Instead of hiring another graphic designer and re-printing the entire menu just to change the menu, all restaurant owners will need to go into the app and type in the new menu. QR codes for digital menus also make it easier for you to add pictures of the items on your menu, which increases sales by 30%.

Digital menus are also the most convenient option for your customers. People can view the menu anytime they walk in the door, so they won’t need to wait on a busy waiter or host. In addition, they won’t need to touch dirty paper menus that have passed through the hands of other customers all day.

Placing Orders

Implementing QR codes in your restaurant will also make the process of placing orders much easier for customers. Of course, this is paramount for customers that desire instant gratification. There is much less room for human error if customers simply enter their order directly into the app. 55% of restaurant customers preferred contactless service options for things like placing their orders. In addition, customers can place requests for stuff like refills and ask for the check.

Takeout and Delivery

Another way to improve your customers’ dining experience with QR codes is by using them for your takeout and delivery options. All you’ll need to do is place the QR codes with takeout and delivery information in a location that’s visible to customers inside your restaurant. This way, they can take the lead with them and place an order later. You can also give your customers the option to provide their email at checkout and send them information for meal delivery and pickup options.

Social Media

QR codes are also a revolutionary way for restaurant owners to promote their social media account. It’s easier than ever to link a QR code to your restaurant’s Instagram or Facebook page. This method of providing people with your social media is much quicker than providing a link or username that people will need to type in. Having a well-established social media presence will increase your business, and customers will find it very helpful.


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